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domenica 20 ottobre 2013

Sardinia's image

Title: The tree of rebirth.

Title: Strolling along the coasts of Sardinia ....
Title: Looking at the moon ....

C'est l'AMOUR ... C'est l'ART ...

This is LOVE ... this is the ART ...

Little flower

 Title: the walk ant evening
Title: Moss star - Muschio a stella
Title: The sea
Title: "Sette fratelli" - Mountain

Title: Sinnai (CA)

Title: Landscape
Title: Bird's Landscape
Title: Lichen - Cladonia Pixidata
Title: Dry grass of wild Sardinia

Title: The seat of the devil and the Bay of Angels
Title: Typical Mediterranean vegetation of Sardinia
 Title: The inflorescence of the almond tree

Title: My little flower.
Title: The water of the mountain

Title: ladybug

Title: Oxalis pes-caprae

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